Personal Security

Miami-Dade School District Hacked, Student Indicted

Students of Miami-Dade school district faced issues when they logged into virtual classrooms on 31st August morning. The district has…

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Demystifying Zero-Click Attacks

Security awareness traditionally revolves around the personal online hygiene mantra with a bunch of dos and don’ts at its core.…

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Criminals Target Unemployment Benefits. Know How

Cybercriminals are stealing identities to claim unemployment benefits. Many unemployed people are finding their unemployment checks and stimulus payments stolen.…

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COVID-19: Ruthless Ransomware Authors Attack Hospitals

The coronavirus outbreak continues to hold the entire world hostage, and healthcare facilities are at the forefront of this struggle.…

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Ready to Use Your Heartbeat for Authentication? NASA to Give Access Soon

Going a step forward from the wearable technologies, the European space agency NASA is ready to pivot the biometric system.…

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X-Force Report Highlights 2020 Cybersecurity Risks

Are you aware of the 2020 cybersecurity risks? If you have not had a chance to find out, don’t panic.…

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Execute Incident Response Plan to Remain One Step Ahead of Cyber Hackers

Practicing a few cybersecurity drills and educational initiatives may not make you ready to beat sophisticated hackers. You must remain…

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Don’t Let Hackers Trick You into Being a Coronavirus Money Mule

A coronavirus money mule is a person that transferred money to cybercriminals for fake funds. One such money launderers is…

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Online Vigilantes: A Robust Approach to Combat Cyber Crimes

The internet have its own vigilantes to monitor ongoing cybersecurity risks. This trend has picked pace with the genuine social…

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Cybercriminals Hacked VPN Tools for Months to Access Citrix Data

VPN tools were the cybercriminals’ entry point to hack Citrix Systems data. Between 2018 and 2019, the hackers stole personal…

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