Personal Security

Hackers Are Misusing 533M Facebook Credentials

What is the true worth of your social media information if exposed to cybercriminals? Hackers can use your credentials for…

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$100M Unemployment Claims Sent to Jailed Criminals

Unemployment insurance claims of $100 million were fraudulently sent to jailed inmates in 2020, and it all happened because of…

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Beware of Hidden Botnets in Your Browser Extension

Infatica[.]io is one of the dubious firms luring IT developers of leading brands to include hidden botnets in their browser…

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What’s Different in Post-COVID IT Security Budgets?

Organizations are cutting corners to keep the lights on. However, they have understood the growing importance of cybersecurity and are…

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Discover the Key Insights of the Identity Security

Digital identity is a significant asset, so organizations must guard it by taking every possible measure. IT professionals are responsible…

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Pandemic Hacks Target Your COVID Concerns: Learn How

Pandemic hacks have increased tenfold, and the majority is because of your COVID concerns. How? Mental health experts warn that…

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How Ransomware Hackers Sneak Into Your Systems?

According to global investigations firm Kroll, ransomware hackers have caused the most security issues in 2020. One in three cyberattack…

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Ransomware Attack Forces University to Pay $1.14 Million

University of California San Francisco reportedly paid up $1.14 million to rescue their systems after the ransomware attack. The cybercriminals…

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Miami-Dade School District Hacked, Student Indicted

Students of Miami-Dade school district faced issues when they logged into virtual classrooms on 31st August morning. The district has…

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Demystifying Zero-Click Attacks

Security awareness traditionally revolves around the personal online hygiene mantra with a bunch of dos and don’ts at its core.…

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