Artificial Intelligence: Should You Rely on It?

You encounter artificial intelligence (AI) in some way or the other every day. From using your smartphone to watching another…

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Stand Out in the Crowd as a Business-Savvy CISO

Landing a prestigious role as a chief information security officer (CISO) needs skill, experience, and an agile mindset to offer…

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The Surge in Automation: A Perk or a Threat to Cybersecurity?

Almost over a decade, investment in automated security systems has soared. Cyber-attacks have moved from being a crime to one…

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Ready to Use Your Heartbeat for Authentication? NASA to Give Access Soon

Going a step forward from the wearable technologies, the European space agency NASA is ready to pivot the biometric system.…

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Online Vigilantes: A Robust Approach to Combat Cyber Crimes

The internet have its own vigilantes to monitor ongoing cybersecurity risks. This trend has picked pace with the genuine social…

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Why Choosing Your App Store Is Important

Why choosing your app store is important: 700,000+ bad apps and 100,000+ developers have been kicked off the Google App…

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Cyberintelligence: Knowing How to Make the Right Decisions

Author: Mikel Rufián Albarrán. Responsible for Cyberintelligence. Innotec System. Entelgy company The incorporation of Cyberintelligence capabilities may mean an increase…

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