Cyber Security

US Passes New Incident Reporting Legislation to Boost Cyber Acts

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has passed legislation that will focus on improving existing cyber acts. Organizations will…

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Can Machine Learning Be the Cause of Data Breaches?

Machine learning (ML) has empowered businesses to scale up to modern business demands. From training artificial Intelligence (AI) to answering…

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Should Your Enterprise Security Be Zero-Trust?

Organizations are leaning toward the zero-trust model after experiencing multiple enterprise security breaches through employee accounts. This zero-trust approach gives…

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Rising Tide of Ransomware – Sophos’s Report on Cybercrime Statistics

Ransomware is a major security issue and one of the most common kinds of cybercrime today. The advent of ransomware…

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Implement These Solutions Before Exchanging Sensitive Information

Private information has become one of the most powerful motivators for change in history. Data breaches have become the new…

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The IRS Announces Permanent Deletion of Biometric Data

US taxpayers do not have to provide facial scans to create an online account on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)…

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A New Approach to Balanced Security and Usability

Security officials are always in a tough spot since they must keep systems and users secure without causing a hindrance…

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Explore Machine Learning Models to Stop Cyber Threats

Firms have begun to collaborate with computer scientists and researchers to introduce techniques that will empower machine learning models. It…

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Shift Left: A New Approach to Strengthen Security

In the past, security-related degree programs were scarce or non-existent. Developers had difficulty understanding how their work could impact the…

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How to Improve Your Firm’s Attack Surface Management

Thanks to the pandemic, several organizations are leaning toward cloud platforms and remote talent hiring. The problem is these activities…

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