Cyber Security

Prevent Ransomware Attacks. Don’t Be a Victim

There has been an increase in ransomware attacks in the past few years, and they are happening more frequently and…

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What Is CISA’s Role in Industrial Control Systems?

Advancing the security and resilience of industrial control systems (ICS) is one of the top priorities of the Cybersecurity and…

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Why You Must Prioritize Your Cyber Incident Response Plan

A business constantly runs the danger of a cybersecurity breach, regardless of the technology it employs to run its operations.…

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Why You Must Reduce Your Company’s Attack Surface

Several sectors faced massive cyber attacks a few months ago due to vulnerabilities in their systems. Log4j was one of…

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Edge Computing Security Facts You Should Know About

The cybersecurity ecosystem has become complex. It has significantly expanded and has become more prone to potential threats. Incorporating edge…

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Can Passwordless Authentication Boost Company Security?

Due to the pandemic, several companies opted for the hybrid work approach. Fifty-eight percent of the McKinsey survey respondents had…

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Are You Aware of The New Cyber Law?

Businesses, government, and private sectors are all being targeted by cybercrime at an alarming rate. In the past, the U.S.…

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Online Threat: How to Create and Regulate a Secure Network

Digital transformation has undoubtedly made business strategies and operations more straightforward. It has enhanced product quality, end-user experience, and business…

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Cybersecurity Training Certificate: Tips That Can Better Firms

Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not prioritize cybersecurity due to a multitude of reasons, such as financial constraints…

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How Can You Protect Yourself from Social Engineering

Social engineering, like other cybersecurity attacks, is rising and affecting companies in every industry. Cybercriminals exploit people’s fears, uncertainties, distractions,…

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