Cyber Security

New Cybersecurity Threats That Are More Notorious Than Ransomware

There is a widespread perception that cyber threats are a problem only for billion-dollar companies. However, small and medium-sized businesses…

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End-User Security Issues Detected in Mental Health Apps

In May 2022, Mozilla indicated in its study that many apps related to mental health and prayer lack end-user security.…

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Cyber Best Practices That Will Protect Your Network

Most businesses want to excel on the cybersecurity front but lack the awareness it requires. Digital disruption has taken all…

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Can Organizational Security Increase with Cyber Upskilling?

Organizational security seems to be in the hands of the workforce. Per a Fortinet report, the shortage in cybersecurity skills…

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US Passes New Incident Reporting Legislation to Boost Cyber Acts

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has passed legislation that will focus on improving existing cyber acts. Organizations will…

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Can Machine Learning Be the Cause of Data Breaches?

Machine learning (ML) has empowered businesses to scale up to modern business demands. From training artificial Intelligence (AI) to answering…

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Should Your Enterprise Security Be Zero-Trust?

Organizations are leaning toward the zero-trust model after experiencing multiple enterprise security breaches through employee accounts. This zero-trust approach gives…

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Rising Tide of Ransomware – Sophos’s Report on Cybercrime Statistics

Ransomware is a major security issue and one of the most common kinds of cybercrime today. The advent of ransomware…

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Implement These Solutions Before Exchanging Sensitive Information

Private information has become one of the most powerful motivators for change in history. Data breaches have become the new…

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The IRS Announces Permanent Deletion of Biometric Data

US taxpayers do not have to provide facial scans to create an online account on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)…

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