Cyber Security

Microsoft’s CPU Benchmark for Windows 11 Security

Microsoft’s new OS will work only with systems that have Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 in it. TPM is a…

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7 Password Hygiene Tips to Prevent Data Exposure

How many digital platforms do you access in a day? Can you remember the password of all your social media…

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Deploying IT Security Governance to Address Cyber Threats

Aggressive and damaging cyber-attacks, especially those involving ransomware, have dominated the news in the first half of 2021. Whether it…

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How Colonial Pipeline Was Targeted with Ransomware

Colonial Pipeline was hit by ransomware in May 2021 and it had to pay $4.4 million in bitcoins as ransom.…

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Hackers Dwell in Your Network Long Before the Attack

Sophos, a UK cybersecurity firm, revealed that organizations take almost 11 days to realize that hackers have breached their corporate…

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Android Apps Expose Personal Data of 100 Million Users

Unsecure Android applications are not uncommon in 2021. However, bad coding practices can have devastating consequences on the end users.…

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How Do Cybercriminals Remain Anonymous?

The growth of cybercrime in the recent years is truly staggering. In fact, cybercrime has become an increasingly lucrative and…

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Distracted by Phishing: 5 Steps Employees Can Take to Reduce Cyber Risk

As we head to the other side of the pandemic, we can look back and see a year marked with…

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Breakdown of the Presidential Cyber Executive Order

Last week, President Biden signed an executive order on improving the cybersecurity posture of the United States. Faced with the constant…

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How Was the Florida Water Plant System Hacked?

A watering hole attack was carried out a few months ago on the Oldsmar water plant in Florida. An infrastructure…

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