Binod Singh

Binod Singh has played a significant role in the IT industry.  With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he received a Master’s in Management from one of the most premier institutes in India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).


He worked with the founders of Indian IT companies (like WIPRO and HCL), with multi-nationals like Digital and Computer Associates (CA) and diversified into managing and establishing some of the largest channels in Europe and Africa, including the first one in India.


After 22 years, in the year 2000 – during the world’s first .net boom, Binod become an entrepreneur. He chose to enter a new domain, Identity and Access Management – as it was establishing itself.


Ilantus became one of the first Identity and Access Management service providers in the US specializing in multiple technologies with unique offerings such as fixed-fee IAM services and Managed Services.   Under Binod, the Ilantus service organization thrived receiving recognitions from Gartner and IBM.  However, when the age of cloud-based Identity Management emerged, Binod saw this as another path and transformed Ilantus into a product company.  Today, he is admired for his visionary product, first of its kind, Compact Identity.


Binod sees life as a combination of inner and outer – striking a balance between the deep inner realm and outer world activities.  An avid traveller (65 countries), Binod has lived in Europe, Asia, Africa, United States.  Interests are a way of life – meditation, yoga (contributing to major research in yoga and biomechanics), social causes – always learning more about the mysteries of life as it relates to the inner core of a human being.  On his personal  site,, he writes to inspire people to seek  a higher quality of life.  Binod Singh infuses his life experience and passion into what he shares personally and professionally, guiding the development of his company.


Ilantus’ IAM Solutions


Xpress Password

Ilantus Xpress Password is the enterprise class Password Management solution that does more than just reset passwords. It is an efficient Self-Service Password Reset tool that enables users to reset passwords and unlock accounts on their own, from any device, inside or outside the network with secure multi-factor authentication.


Compact Identity

Ilantus Compact Identity is the first simple, easy to use single IAM platform that combines Access Management (AM) with the critical necessities of Identity Governance Administration (IGA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM). Converging AM, IGA and PAM onto one platform, Compact Identity addresses IAM with simple elegance – it includes Single Sign-On for any type of application including thick/fat clients, Password Management that enables end user self-service, User Lifecycle Management that increases productivity, Access Certification for simplified certification campaigns and other business critical features that do not need to be complicated.

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