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Employees Can Detect and Prevent Data Breaches. How?

Today, companies often deal with sensitive information. Data security is a top priority, whether it is their customers’ private information, financial records or accounts, or project details. Unfortunately, protecting data is more challenging than ever before. Threat actors constantly look for ways to take advantage of companies and try to steal and sell data on the dark web’s black market pages. Henry Collier shares some tips to prevent data breaches in this article at The Hill.

How Can Employees Prevent Data Breaches?

“Every employee must take ownership of being a good steward of company data. People are complex, multifaceted beings and, as such, they are prone to making mistakes,” says Collier. Although training and security awareness programs explain a lot about current risk scenarios, they can do nothing to change employees’ behaviors. Therefore, leaders must embed a security-minded culture in their organization.

So, how can a security-minded culture prevent data breaches? When your staff members feel their efforts make a difference, they will go the extra mile to protect the organization’s sensitive data. Additionally, they will take ownership of the security posture and want to see it succeed.

Furthermore, simple best practices, such as using strong passwords and reporting suspicious emails, are effective defenses against data breaches.

Other Measures

  • Use techniques such as better architecture, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and traffic monitoring and restriction to secure your business.
  • Hierarchically design your networks. This helps you ensure that damage is limited to one section of your network if a breach occurs.
  • Containment should be your priority if a breach occurs. The author believes that containing the breach to the smallest area of your company’s network helps limit the possible damage a hacker can inflict.
  • Implement a robust data backup plan to recover from an incident. A good backup is the best defense against ransomware attacks.

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