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Ransomware Attack Recovery: Tips to Secure Your Systems

Is your computer suddenly showing a message letting you know your files are encrypted? You can only get them back by paying a ransom. Now, you must decide — either pay the ransom or try recovering without paying. Can you recover from a ransomware attack if you decide not to pay the ransom? In this article at Expert Insights, Caitlin Jones explains ransomware attack recovery solutions you must follow.

Steps for Ransomware Attack Recovery

Do Not Pay the Ransom

“You are proving that the attacker’s process works, which will encourage them to target further organizations who, in turn, will follow your example and pay up – it is a vicious circle,” says Jones. Additionally, there is no guarantee that you will get your data back. Experts believe the malware can still be present on your servers even if you get your data back.

Call for Help as a Step Towards Ransomware Attack Recovery

Call your ransomware response professionals. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have an incident response or forensic staff to stop the attack or recover systems and data. These authorities will help organizations identify the attacker and how they are choosing their targets. Additionally, you can contact your local cybercrime investigations department.

Isolate the System

Cut the network and internet access for the affected devices — computer, server, or network segment. If necessary, shut down all networks for the organizations to stop the spread. However, shutting down all networks is an extreme step. Therefore, do not take it lightly. It will impact normal operations and leads to other consequences, such as reputational damage and business loss.

Rebuild Your Systems

It is here backup files play a critical role. Earlier data backups were merely an IT compliance issue. However, it is becoming increasingly crucial to save backups to restore your systems today. While restoring the data, ensure your most recent backups are not infected. Rebuild your systems with the uninfected backup.

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