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Why You Must Prioritize Your Cyber Incident Response Plan

A business constantly runs the danger of a cybersecurity breach, regardless of the technology it employs to run its operations. A successful hack could expose private information about a firm, harm its reputation, or even cause it to cease operations. Technology professionals unanimously agree that cybersecurity is one of the most important components of a company’s IT infrastructure. Therefore, robust cyber incident response plans must be a top priority for every business using technology and data. An IT leader must stay current on the latest challenges, trends, and best practices. You must do that even with an established incident response foundation to guarantee that your organization’s incident response plan stays effective and feasible. This article at ZDNet by Danny Palmer elaborates on a cyber incident response plan.

It Is Imperative to Have a Cyber Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity experts rank ransomware among the most significant threats today. Many victims think paying the ransom is the only way to restore their network. Bad actors will use their illicit wealth to fund more ambitious attacks, thus perpetuating the attack cycle. Unfortunately, most ransomware incidents are kept under wraps, so it is difficult to gauge the threat accurately. Most victims do not openly discuss ransomware attacks and their impacts. This makes it challenging to gain a comprehensive understanding of the attack tactics and the extent of their actual impact.

It Is Important to Discuss Ransomware Attacks

Leaders in cybersecurity are speaking up about ransomware incidents to prevent other companies from becoming victims. You can prevent ransomware attacks by regularly applying security patches, implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA), and periodically updating backups. In August, Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD), the second-biggest school district in the US, experienced a ransomware attack. LAUSD notified authorities immediately and kept the public informed about the situation. In the fight against ransomware, it is better for everyone to have more transparency around attacks.

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