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Why You Must Reduce Your Company’s Attack Surface

Several sectors faced massive cyber attacks a few months ago due to vulnerabilities in their systems. Log4j was one of the recent vulnerabilities that shook the globe. So, the incident has made board members of every company worry again about their organizational cybersecurity posture. The vulnerability in the open-source logging shell housed in their applications allowed threat actors to hack user devices. So, the attack has made it imperative for companies to manage their attack surface with more care and attention. In this article at Government Technology Insider, Kelsey Winick shares the necessity of attack surface management.

Importance of Attack Surface Management (ASM)

You must take care of attack surface management because it will reduce the vulnerabilities that cybercrooks can misuse. Log4j is used in several applications, such as iMessage, for keeping a log of security and performance. Mandiant VP Jonathan Cran observes that Log4j might still be running in the background without the user’s knowledge. When government agencies run checks using ASM tools, they can easily detect and contain these activities.

Benefits of the Tools

  • Since most employees are working from home, companies can detect potentially exposed surfaces and reduce exposure.
  • Per Forrester reports, ASM tools find 30% more vulnerabilities than your IT and security teams put together.
  • The tools provide more visibility, continuously monitor exposure, and utilize collected intelligence. Agencies can analyze the discoveries, designate the threat vectors, and prepare to supervise those to reduce devices’ attack surfaces.
  • ASM tools enable you to stay alert about the vulnerabilities and problems so that you can patch them to reduce exposure to cyber hackers.
  • Agencies should stay ahead of the attackers by continuously monitoring vulnerable areas and protecting the IT environment to mitigate vulnerabilities and other risks.

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