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Tips to Build a Robust Home Network Setup

Though Wi-Fi is a wonderful convenience of the modern era, it carries some significant risks. Many home network setups lack robust security safeguards, making it easy for tech-savvy con artists to hack into them and take advantage of naive users. It is particularly true for those that are going beyond checking the weather or window shopping. The most significant appliance in your home may be your router. It acts as a sentry, monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure nothing harmful enters or anything sensitive leaves. In this CNET article, David Anders shares ten tips for securing your home network setup.

Why the Home Network Setup Is Becoming an Easy Target

Over $6.9 billion was lost to cybercrime in 2021, with phishing and other scams contributing to the losses. You can avoid many personal information breaches with a bit of home network protection. Today, the average US home has over ten gadgets linked to the Wi-Fi network at home, and each one is at risk of being hacked. Yet most people use only a password to secure their home wireless network to keep their neighbors and other people from accessing their data. However, you must take home network security more seriously and go above and beyond simply creating a password. You need to protect yourself from hackers since poor security can risk your personal information, including credit card numbers, bank records, login credentials, etc.

Ten Tips to Protect Your Home Network Setup

  • Put your router in a prominent spot.
  • Make a strong Wi-Fi password and change it frequently.
  • Alter the router’s default login information.
  • Enable Wi-Fi encryption and the firewall.
  • Establish a guest network.
  • Make use of a VPN.
  • Keep your network and other equipment up-to-date.
  • Block remote router access.
  • Verify the linked devices.
  • Switch to a WPA3 router.

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