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Password Security: How to Make Your Web Accounts Safer

Passwords are usually the first to be compromised during a cyber-attack or data theft. The recent spike in the incorporation of digital technology has also increased cyber risks. Companies and individuals are at equal risk of getting their systems hacked and data stolen. Password security is one of the main concerns in the wake of digital disruption. While most people are aware of effective password management habits, some do not take password management seriously. It makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In one of their articles, Help Net Security shares why password security is crucial and how you can strengthen it.

Getting Familiar with Password Best Practices

A report indicates that 31% of the US respondents were exposed to a data breach in the last 18 months. It is 23% more than the global average. There are several reasons that justify these statistics. Some of them are as follows:

  1. 85% of Americans use the same password across different websites.
  2. Almost 49% of them rely on their memory to manage their passwords.
  3. 60% of US citizens have an average password length of 9 to 15 characters, while the ideal length is 14.
  4. Only 44% of Americans use a password management tool.
  5. 79% of them use two-factor authentication.

The Changing Era of Password Security

Bitwarden CEO Michael Crandell shares that people are getting relatively more aware of their passwords’ importance and safety. While most people and organizations have taken effective measures to boost password security, there is still a long road ahead. Using password management tools frees your mind of the extra and unnecessary burden of remembering passwords.

Make sure you enforce long passwords and use password management software. In addition, companies must understand the need for two-factor authentication to save themselves from potential cyber threats.

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