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Implement These Solutions Before Exchanging Sensitive Information

Private information has become one of the most powerful motivators for change in history. Data breaches have become the new norm, affecting every industry and organization, whether a government agency, financial institution, healthcare provider, or private corporation. Every day, the world creates and shares an unprecedented amount of data. With every email, text, tweet, and stream, you release more information for companies to access and hackers to exploit without adequate protection. Mirko Zorz at Help Net Security explains how you can implement smart solutions and securely exchange sensitive information.

Email Encryption for Exchanging Sensitive Information

Chris Peel, VP of Customer Engineering at Echoworx, talks with Help Net Security about why email encryption is the right path for organizations, what benefits it brings, and how to implement it.

How Does Encryption Affect the Exchange of Sensitive Information?

Employees’ ability to send an encrypted email at their workplace is mostly based on their experience. Thus, it is a primary issue preventing the effective exchange of securely encrypted messages and documents. Studies show that over 90 percent of respondents find encryption challenging and frustrating. Therefore, user experience should be considered when selecting an email encryption solution.

Avoid Being Burned by Bad Implementation Processes or Failed Solutions

If you are looking for email encryption or any other IT solution for sharing sensitive information, identifying, outlining, and determining your business goals is a crucial step. So, enterprises should take time to be inclusive with their buying teams. Otherwise, they will buy solutions that do not work for every business need and department, resulting in wasteful investments.

Additionally, by having a broader conversation regarding email encryption needs, you can find the best solution on the market for email encryption. This will make it easy to roll out and implement your secure communications program.

Furthermore, the author speaks about how CISOs can define encryption requirements, how organizations can use usability to navigate business constraints, and how Echoworx can prevent significant problems with email access and data sharing.

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