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A New Approach to Balanced Security and Usability

Security officials are always in a tough spot since they must keep systems and users secure without causing a hindrance to the business. As organizations and consumers do more business online and in the cloud, user experience is key. Security efforts often get derailed in favor of a positive user experience. It is imperative to have balanced security features. But if your employees are unaware of or are not maintaining security protocols, it will mean futile efforts and investment in IT security. This article at Help Net Security talks about the importance of balancing security requirements and employee experience.

LastPass Survey Findings On Balanced Security

A recent IDC survey conducted by LastPass found that “balancing company security requirements with employee experience” is the top identity challenge. It is followed by “employees struggling with too many passwords.” Survey reports reveal that 83% of security breaches result from a compromised password or identity, such as phishing. This underlines the importance of using identity and access management solutions.

Too Many Passwords to Remember

When dealing with multiple passwords, adopting a password management solution puts the employee in control. It promotes security awareness and turns users into a key component in preventing security breaches. Mark Child, Research Manager at IDC, says enterprise password management (EPM) addresses security requirements while providing users with a consistent and comfortable experience.

To address this challenge, organizations must build user-friendly solutions. This will allow their employees to securely access the tools they require to do their jobs, regardless of location. Security controls must be transparent and manageable for all employees.

Identity Access Management

  • 45% of respondent organizations use password managers as an identity and access management solution. This makes them the most widely used solution for organizations looking for extra layers of protection.
  • The Enterprise Password Management solution is a budget-friendly, low-complexity solution that provides robust security for the hybrid environment.
  • Nearly all respondents reported that remote work has adversely impacted their security operations. Reasons are inadequate security on home networks and targeted cyber-attacks on remote workers. Also, employees accessing corporate data/applications on inadequately protected devices adds to the risk.

According to Katie Petrillo, Director of Product Marketing at LastPass, the survey also examined the future of work and how businesses can strengthen and balance security initiatives amid rising identity theft attacks.

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