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FBI Asks Firms for Real-Time Data on Cyber Incidents

The FBI has recently re-stated the importance of receiving mandatory real-time data of cyber incidents. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, has further talked about introducing strong liability protections to protect organizations from severe cyber threats. Wray has publicly supported the Cyber Incident Reporting Act but has highlighted some structural issues with it. He has stated that private industries play a crucial role in controlling cybersecurity threats. However, he mentions that such threats are better controlled when real-time data is provided. In his article for SC Media, Derek B Johnson talks about the bureau’s take on the Cyber Incident Reporting Act and what it actually means for companies.

Why Real-Time Data Is Important

Johnson states that the Department of Justice and the FBI have asked lawmakers to make some changes in the Cyber Incident Reporting Act. According to the law, companies have to report a data or cyber breach to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Wray has suggested that the data transfer should be done in real-time so that it gives more time to the FBI to familiarize themselves with the issue. The FBI and Department of Justice will receive the necessary information on the case within 24 hours. However, both departments have asked lawmakers to incorporate real-time data transfer regarding cyber incidents.

How Data Sharing Helps Firms

Wray mentions that many employees at the FBI work in close connection with the companies and respond promptly in a cyber crisis. However, there are instances when real-time data analysis is postponed due to other legal formalities. If companies share data late, it leads to a delay in responsive actions. Such acts of postponement have led to huge financial losses for the companies. Avril Haines, director of National Intelligence, has also addressed the FBI’s suggestions, but she strongly bolsters CISA’s policy.

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