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Can Higher Education Fight Against Next-Gen Cybercrime?

Businesses are looking for cyber-skilled youth to help them secure their firm from external risks. The market is going through a shortage of talented individuals that can deal with cybercrime before it gets too late. Many organizations hire cyber-skilled youths soon after they complete their higher education. However, it often gets too late be. However, it often gets too late because the bright cyber minds are already lured by the glamor and perks of the cybercrime industry. It has become essential for business leaders and education systems to nurture a positive and ethical mindset in the younger generation. In his recent interview with Chris Veltsos, a professor at Minnesota State University, Mitch Mayne talks about the need for an effective education system to stop the increasing cybercrime.

Understanding the Need for Cyber Education

Chris shares that when he started teaching an undergrad class on software development, several students focused on learning more about cybersecurity. Chris understood their inclination towards technology. However, he believed it is crucial to teach them about cybersecurity ethics before technology drifts them away. The education system should implement a holistic approach that equally focuses on cyber technology and ethics equally.

Furthermore, educational institutions and business corporations should be aware that fighting cybercrime is no more a desk job. It involves different fields of governance policies, communications, and politics. The younger generation should be familiar with various vocations. It will help them develop a personalized opinion that is highly valued in the modern corporate environment.

Is Cybercrime a Product of Any Cultural Shift?

The younger generation is pretty aware of their career goals because they have access to a plethora of information. It is a dynamic change that organizations should be ready to cultivate. Many companies want young and dynamic individuals to work with them but are looking for years of experience. It is a highly contradictory situation that eventually hampers their business growth in the longer run. If you are hiring and retaining young talent, there is a good possibility that you have a chance to train a bright mind right from the start. Organizational mentorship is another much-needed attribute to educate the younger generation professionally.

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