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Is Your C-Suite Included in the Zero Trust Model?

The pandemic had transformed almost all the business processes so that they rely heavily on digital operations and cloud data. Many companies have begun to follow the zero trust model that has enhanced their cybersecurity system. The zero trust model engages the authentic user and verifies their profile based on the location, device health, and identity. To mitigate cybersecurity risks effectively, it is better to not trust anyone in the business and always verify the details and identity. However, some people might struggle to instill a zero trust model or do it ineffectively. In his article for DarkReading, Rajesh Ganesan talks about the zero trust model and how you can incorporate it in your cybersecurity model.

Be Vigilant  

To implement an effective zero trust model, ensure your communication is encrypted and all suspicious activities are flagged. Ganesan states, “Through a unified endpoint management solution, it’s easy for IT personnel to verify users’ identities, as well as the health of their endpoints.” To supervise your zero trust model, you should be aware of the latest technological advancements and discuss their feasibility with your team.

Use VPN Monitoring Solution

With an effective VPN monitoring solution, your IT team should pull VPN logs from a firewall. You can provide a confidential security report to your C-level executives through VPN logs. This would help you get a better idea of the loophole in your company’s cybersecurity and how you can rectify it. C-level executives must understand the seriousness of privileged accounts. If they open a mail consisting of a malware file, it might exercise the privileges of that account and lead to more extensive damage.

Remote work has become a more acceptable working model in modern businesses. However, it has increased security risks. To curb the problems, C-level executives should lead by example and become a part of the zero trust model.

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