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Top Brands Initiate New Supply Chain Model

In order to prevent ransomware and malware attacks that companies experience, different businesses are coming up with distinct solutions. Microsoft has collaborated with Intel and Goldman Sachs to strive for hardware security upgrades and diminish supply chain risk. The trio has come together to establish a non-profit enterprise called Trusted Computing Group (TCG) that will engage different technical experts from various fields to mitigate supply chain risks. In his article for Infosecurity Magazine, Phil Muncaster sheds light on the non-profit group these companies have created and how it plans to strengthen cybersecurity.

Bringing in Experts

The senior officials of TCG stated that malicious and counterfeit hardware is difficult to detect, and many organizations are experiencing it at a rising scale. One of its main reasons is that companies do not have enough resources or knowledge to cope with such problems. To deal with the supply chain risks and counterfeit hardware issues, TCG plans to focus on two areas mainly. Firstly, TCG aspires to safeguard users’ trust in devices at every step of the supply chain. Secondly, it plans to instruct companies with different ways of coping up with a cyberattack.

Guiding the Market

Dennis Mattoon, the co-chair of the group and principal software development engineer at Microsoft, states, “For nearly 20 years, TCG has guided the industry in adopting technologies that enable secure computing, with specifications for IoT and embedded systems, PCs and servers, mobile, and storage.” He further mentions that the supply chain is one of the integral elements common in all companies.

A recent report published by Acronis suggests that 53% of global companies have a misconceived sense of security as far as supply chain attacks are concerned. Furthermore, a report from BlueVoyant claims that 93% of international organizations have suffered some sort of supply chain breach last year.

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