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What Are the Key Benefits of Database Security?

While we strengthen our roots in the land of digitization and technological advancements, cyber-attacks have become unavoidable. There is a lot at stake, and any flaw or error in cybersecurity will risk it all. Some companies acknowledge that they still have to tread a long cybersecurity path, while some tend to live in their false glory. According to Forbes, 78% of the companies lack confidence in their present security model. In his article for Security Intelligence, C.J Haughey defines and mentions the benefits of database security.

Defining Database Security

Database security is an information security model that comprises tools, controls, and processes. It significantly helps in enhancing confidentiality and inclusivity. Besides, it also safeguards databases from unauthorized access and malicious ransomware, malware, and spyware.

Safeguards Assets

2020 witnessed a sudden growth in ransomware attacks, especially in the education and healthcare sectors. Moreover, several retail companies have begun to experience the threat of a ‘direct denial to service’ (DDOS) attack. To tackle such problems and save the company assets in general, it is better to invest in a reliable database security system.

Lessens Human Error

Varonis, in its report, states that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are the result of human error. When you have more significant problems to face, you cannot waste your resources on reviewing and cross-checking for human error. Database security enables automated detection for vulnerabilities and security breaches that do not leave any margin for error. Not only is it quicker and accurate, but database security automation also analyzes the pattern and makes the operations significantly faster.

Enhances Business Dynamics

Nowadays, clients and consumers are pretty vigilant when it comes to sharing their personal information with a company. It should be your organization’s responsibility to acknowledge their concerns and create a transparent and secure environment. In the entire process, database security helps companies resolve the problems of their target market.

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