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Ransomware Group Gets a Rare Blow from U.S. Justice

Ransomware group NetWalker was quite actively and successfully closing healthcare services, colleges, and utilities. The U.S. Justice Department made a rare move this Wednesday when it seized the computers of the attackers. In this article at NBC News, Kevin Collier shares the happy news regarding the ransomware group charge.

Blow to Ransomware Group

Once the ransomware software enters your computer, you cannot access sensitive information until you pay the attackers the expected ransom money. Cryptocurrencies are the preferred mode of payment for these threat actors.

The ransomware group NetWalker was infiltrating the computer network of several companies and demanding a hefty ransom. They also went to the length of posting their victims’ sensitive files on their blog if the money did not come early. Recently, NetWalker preyed on Lorien Health Systems, a Maryland-based assisted-living senior facility, and Crozer-Keystone Health System.

When Justice Department takes such an extraordinary measure to stop the threat actors, it is evident that it is an ‘uphill battle’ for the U.S. citizens. Recorded Future’s ransomware analyst Allan Liska remarked that NetWalker became quite popular lately. They now rank fourth on the list of most popular cybercriminals of recent times due to their constant hacks.

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