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Keep Track of 2021 Cybersecurity Trends to Stay Safe

To gear up for the future, always take reference from the past. What has happened in the cybersecurity industry in 2020 is a lesson to be proactive this year. In this blog article by IT Security Experts, Tom Kellerman, Rick McElroy, and Greg Foss share six booming security trends. Indeed, cyber attackers will continue taking advantage of the COVID-19 disruption. They have several opportunities to continue breaching corporate and personal networks.

What to Expect Next?

According to the Threat Analysis Unit survey, 9 out of 10 security professionals reported facing more cyber-attacks. Due to the remote working model, the pandemic-induced opportunities will continue affecting the cybersecurity industry. The following trends and key operational areas are the highlights of 2021:

Mobile Breaches

With a majority of the workforce still operating from distributed locations, mobile has replaced the conventional tools of working and reporting. Thus, threat actors continue to target mobile devices and operating systems. If you are using personal gadgets or smartphones to exchange confidential data with your peers, be wary of potential threats. Cybercriminals use malware actions like “Shlayer” to access iPhones and use Siri to eavesdrop on confidential business talks. You can counter such threats by adopting mobile device policies.

Healthcare Exposures

Patient services will remain vulnerable amid the coronavirus epidemic. Also, the healthcare sector remains a favorite attack vector for hackers. They can access your personal information by intercepting telemedicine routine from remote locations. Moreover, the buzz about the vaccine is a subject of potential intellectual property rights. The pressure on healthcare cybersecurity will not subside soon. By increasing the IT and cybersecurity budget, the healthcare sector can counter emerging risks.

Cloud-Jacking and ICS

Cloud-jacking is stealing confidential information through a public cloud, an “island-hopping strategy” used by hackers. The growing rage for cloud migration made cloud platforms a hotspot for cyber breaches. Thus, they are ready to initiate many vicious attacks against industrial control system (ICS) environments.

Ransomware Extortion

With an evolved approach, the ransomware groups are exfiltrating company data before you know about the cyberattack. Hackers use the stolen data to extort victims. Once paid, they anyway sell the data to double their stealth impact. Moreover, the leading threat actors are working in partnership to maintain a sophisticated network now.

Artificial Intelligence Defense

Hackers are not far behind in using advanced technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are equally critical for them as it is for any digitally proactive organization. So, be ready to see the hackers continue using AI and ML for post-breach actions. They leverage the collected data to pivot other industry infrastructures automatically.

Cyber Defense Activities

Apart from the potential threats, cyber defenses will equally act under wraps to counter the evolved attackers. Defending technologies will keep creating history by making evident fortifications.

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