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Stand Out in the Crowd as a Business-Savvy CISO

Landing a prestigious role as a chief information security officer (CISO) needs skill, experience, and an agile mindset to offer innovative solutions. A business-savvy CISO is the new demand of digitally hybrid enterprises. In this article at CSO, David Weldon defines the characteristics of a business-savvy CISO. Learn the traits and necessary skills to get your dream role.

Business Prerequisites

Indeed, it sounds confusing, but a business-savvy CISO can offer everything an organization needs to beat the growing market competition. Be it an academic business background to in-depth knowledge of the company’s mission, the CISO must contribute to each aspect of the venture. The term is mentioned explicitly as “business-savvy” because enterprises aim for an all-rounder security chief.

According to a recent Pandemic Business Impact Survey, the corporate heads and board members look for IT leaders to ace digital business initiatives. As a CISO, you must make arrangements to offer great remote experiences to the workforce by enhancing cybersecurity. You must have control over all aspects of the venture and limit yourself to the security operations.

Turn the Heat Up

Innovation and exclusive ideas are the fuel to keep a venture thriving. By acquiring real experience and understanding of the business and management, CISOs can prepare better for mishaps. Thus, you must keep improving your skills to offer a strategically sound solution that can secure buy-ins. With adequate knowledge, you can not only define technical requirements but also discuss business with stakeholders. So, maintaining transparency with them by putting cybersecurity threats into a business context is easy.

Exposure to the business world can help you understand the fundamentals of what you can do and what you must do. So, adjusting practical, emotional, and strategic goals is possible. Moreover, learn the art of storytelling to narrate a compelling one and bring forth valuable outcomes for your company.

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