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First Half of 2020 Sees a Decrease in Data Breaches

The first half of 2019 recorded four billion data breaches. The same period for 2020 saw 163 million such incidents, 66 percent less than the previous year. ITRC COO James E. Lee remarked that the massive gap is because more people are affected than the number of incidents reported. How so? Let’s find out in this article by Richard Adhikari at TechNewsWorld.

Reports on Data Breaches

While ITRC and Risk Based Security count the ‘publicly disclosed’ data breaches, some are not even reported. A few of the events come to the limelight later, while others do not get much exposure. Each U.S. state has different cybersecurity recording structures at the state and federal levels. That also hampers real-time updates.

According to Malwarebytes Labs director Adam Kujawa, most companies do not report to avoid losing face in the competitive market. Meanwhile, the rest do not detect the breaches until it is too late to address them.

Reasons Behind Breach Decline

While delayed detection can be one of the reasons, it could be that the hackers are shifting their focus on leveraging the existing data before hunting for more. According to the Department of Labor, unemployment scams worth $26 billion have occurred. The increase in data-related phishing incidents and ransomware hacks shows that cyber-attackers are consuming more than acquiring data.

Phishing emails with Remote Access Trojans (RATs) like AveMaria and Backdoor.NetwiredRC malware entice users with coronavirus related updates. Also, keep a check on fake messages, bank notifications, parcel delivery notices, and eBay offers.

Russian Cosmic Lynx lay traps for top MNC leaders, reports cybersecurity company Agari. While other business email compromise (BEC) cybercriminals ask $55,000, the Russian cyber-attackers usually demand $1.3 million from their victims.

Recent Attack

Have not you heard about the massive Twitter data breaches recently? Hackers used Twitter’s in-house software to breach accounts of influential people like Ex-President Barack Obama and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. They ran a Bitcoin scam from 45 such accounts, and it resulted in 383 transactions and raised $117,000.

Though there is a lull in the hackers’ activities today, number of data breaches can increase soon. The only ways you can prevent them are by staying alert and not ignoring the symptoms.

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