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Planning Cloud Adoption for Cybersecurity? Follow These Steps

The global economy revolves around business-critical data to make informed decisions. With businesses adopting technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage big data into getting key business insights, the role of data was never more crucial. As migrating to cloud technology takes the data out of the private secured premises to the data centers in the cloud, a new approach to securing the data assets is essential. In this article at Security Intelligence, Sabitri Chakraborty provides a three-pronged approach that organizations must adopt a better security posture when migrating to the cloud.

Cybersecurity Planning for Cloud Adoption

Conduct Risk Assessment

Take a data-centric view of your business while moving to the cloud. Analyze:

  • The encryption measures that you have adopted.
  • The data flow between applications. Assess what would the architecture and data flow looks like when you migrate to the cloud.
  • If you have well-defined policies and security baselines that you can share with cloud service providers (CSP) to be implemented once you move to the cloud.  

The outcome will bring a clear and documented cloud security roadmap that you can communicate within your organization and with the CSP. The assessment also provides a vivid picture of the risk landscape.

Know Your Responsibilities

“Identifying the security and risk management roles and responsibilities shared by the CSP and the businesses (cloud consumer) is critical; a chartered shared responsibility model is the way to go,” says Sabitri. Having a clear picture of responsibilities means a predictable security contingency plan that you can enforce on an ongoing basis. You must implement the following measures before you migrate to the cloud:

  • Security policies, processes, baselines, and security management tools and technologies
  • Mapping various data sets and identifying the risk
  • Documentation and agreements around running the security checks and vulnerability scanning schedule

Maintain Transparency

Being transparent about the security measures and audibility in the cloud will help in providing inputs for measurable metrics. This can be further monitored and configured through appropriate cloud security posture management (CSPM) tools across the lifecycle.

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