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Miami-Dade School District Hacked, Student Indicted

Students of Miami-Dade school district faced issues when they logged into virtual classrooms on 31st August morning. The district has the fourth-largest computer network in the entire nation. On 3rd September, the authorities announced that they were under cyber attack. A 16-year-old student from South Miami Senior High School conceded to the crime and was penalized as a juvenile offender. How did the teenager successfully carry out such a largescale attack undetected? In this article at the New York Times, Jacey Fortin reports about the Miami-Dade school distract hack.

Details of Miami-Dade School District Hack

The student confessed to committing eight distributed denial-of-service cyber hacks. Though these attacks did not steal schools’ privacy or data, they clogged the district system network with traffic. EdTech Strategies cybersecurity expert and president Douglas A. Levin concluded.

How Was It Detected?

17-year-old Jack Meyer, a Miami Palmetto Senior High School senior, could not log into My School Online. It is an online learning platform run by a company called K12. The system was slow, and he was receiving error notifications despite hitting the restart button several times. However, the issues reduced considerably after teachers moved to Microsoft Teams and Zoom solutions.

People raised concerns regarding the cybersecurity measures of the Miami-Dade school district and K12. It was not one of those sophisticated attacks that take experts to detect. Though the company assured that their network was not compromised directly, the school district is yet to decide about continuing with the $15-million contract. Several U.S. school districts were not prepared to shift to a virtual classroom model, so planning and training were inadequate.

Edwin Lopez, the chief of the Miami-Dade Schools Police, informed that the police department traced one of the IP addresses back to the teenager’s home. However, he thinks there are others involved in the case. So, they want to arrest all of them to discourage such cyber hacks in the future. Levin also informed that more schools are becoming cybersecurity targets like the Miami-Dade school district. Currently, the authorities announced that the 16-year-old was charged on several counts.

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