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Agile Governance: Key to Mitigate Advanced Technology Risks

The global lockdown has encouraged the usage of automated tools and advanced technologies. Virtual channels enabled online education across the globe while chatbots are sharing real-time data of the escalating coronavirus cases. The Internet of things (IoT) is monitoring highly infected areas or geographic locations. In this article at World Economic Forum, Kimmy Bettinger explains that the COVID-19 crisis has proved the importance of technical updates. However, governance plays an equally critical role in IT infrastructure updates.

Agile Values

Before embracing an agile governance strategy, analyze what your IT infrastructure needs from a compliance perspective. To get the full benefit and mitigate the risks of advanced technologies, beware of vulnerabilities. Let us take a look:

Digital Separation

Advanced technologies are crucial to suffice the daily healthcare and educational needs of the population residing in rural areas. According to a recent broadband deployment report from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), over 21 million Americans lack advanced broadband access. Similarly, a Deloitte report states that about $150-billion investment in fiber infrastructure is pivotal to improve connectivity. To bridge the gap, the US government must cover territories that can make a significant difference through a one-time investment.

Cybersecurity Vigilance

Virtual classrooms are new learning spots for students. Nonetheless, security and privacy concerns remain the same as these digital platforms. Employees using Zoom for virtual meetings may combat cyber attackers, but the kids using it for online classes might offer an open playground for the breaches. Governance supervision will resolve such evident concerns until the educators are taking stringent actions to guard the family network.

Chatbots Inefficiency

Many organizations have deployed chatbots or automated teleprompters to spread awareness about the coronavirus updates. AI technology has merits as well as demerits. Sometimes, miscommunications or inconsistency in data monitoring leads to unwanted confusions. A governance framework becomes necessary to address such issues, guide developers, maintain public transparency, and data privacy.

Leave a Mark

Estonia, a small country on the Baltic Sea, has set an example of being future-ready. It is using advanced technologies with only 231 infections per million people. Being one of the digitally developed countries worldwide, Estonia citizens vote online. They even use a single source of I.D. to securely store personal, healthcare, tax, and police record data.

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