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Cyber Hygiene: Key to Defeat Security Invaders

The cybersecurity attackers are proactive in the COVID-19 epidemic. They are not losing a single opportunity to breach your network. Nonetheless, if you get back to the basics, beating them would be easy.

In this article at Security Intelligence, Srini Tummalapenta explains that the ideal approach to cybersecurity is close monitoring. The best basic practices to help you guard confidential data includes:

  • Proper patching of all IT systems
  • Keeping only key firewall ports open
  • Updating endpoints and antivirus protection

Turn the Tide in Your Favor

One of the most common mistakes is the usage of corrupt devices or pen drive. They allow entry of malicious viruses into the system. For instance, Trojans can enter the system through fraudulent means and prompt malware activities.

The NotPetya malware is capable of bringing down the whole corporate network. Thus, a refined defense mechanism against evident threats is essential to combat cyber threats.

Advanced data monitoring and awareness of existing vulnerabilities make it easier to identify the existing gaps. You may get an impartial view of the current security arrangements and fix the current loopholes.

Rapid Detection

To prevent such incidents, seek help from the cybersecurity experts or digital forensics department to configure a suitable response plan. They could diagnose the root cause and suggest an immediate solution and minimize the malware disruption. The cost of a security breach remains under control.

The ideal approach to establish a highly secured network is by committing the team to monitor the systems vigilantly. Seek help from third-party consultants that are familiar with the ongoing cyber hygiene approaches. Cyber hygiene is a blend of people, processes, and technical advancement. So, seek help from the relevant experts and invest in advanced technologies to guard your IT infrastructure.

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