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Governance Compliance: A Necessity to Beat Cyber Heist

The COVID-19 epidemic has transformed standard work procedures. After adapting the work-from-home routine, can you go back to the pre-pandemic schedule? Do you anticipate the next year to be similar to the year 2019?

In this article at Dark Reading, Baan Alsinawi warns you about the cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Even if the virus subsides, resuming the previous work routine would remain a dream. Your workstations, office setup, everything will change in the post-pandemic phase.

Cybersecurity Concerns

So, would you prefer to work from the office or home? Certainly from the remote locations. Not even your peers will come to work daily. Thus, cybersecurity risks persist.

Experts indicate that cyber-attacks cause an annual loss of trillions of dollars. According to a 2019 Hiscock Cyber Readiness report, large organizations are the prime victims of cyber-attacks. However, in 2019, about 47 percent of small and 63 percent of mid-sized companies also reported data heist incidents. It means all firms are vulnerable to threats.

Demerits of COVID-19 Stir

The US and UK cybersecurity officials notify that the hackers lure people by sharing an exciting offer or  pandemic medical concerns. Phishing emails and attachments are the most common traps used by them to persuade employees.

Corporate networks are vulnerable to attacks, even if your organization has installed the best security tools.

Keep Your Guards Up

The possibility of losing focus and ignoring security measures are high while working on distributed networks. Once you lose control over vital security actions, you become vulnerable to the cybersecurity hackers forever. They are experts in finding and exploiting an organization’s weaknesses.

So, be proactive in forming governance, risk management, and compliance strategies. Help your staff operate from any location without cybersecurity disruption. Establish a robust security program to monitor and update your IT infrastructure frequently. Also, keep your remote teams informed about updated governance practices.

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