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Is Your Organization Suffering from Cybersecurity Fatigue?

With new process and product development moving ahead at breakneck speed, digital transformation is kicking into high gear. This transformation, on one hand, is presenting itself as an opportunity for IT and security leaders to innovate and gain competitive advantage. On the other hand, it is also creating new challenges for security professionals with sophisticated threats. In this article at Dark Reading, Kelly Sheridan discusses the key takeaways of the ‘2020 CISO Benchmark Report’.

Highlights of the Report

Complexity is a Bigger Threat to Cybersecurity

According to the report, in today’s security landscape, an average company uses more than 20 security technologies. More than 20% of respondents believe that managing a multivendor environment is proving to be a significant challenge. Other findings of the research include:

  • Nearly 42% of the respondents are suffering from cybersecurity fatigue.
  • Over 96% of these fatigue sufferers have pointed out that managing a multivendor environment is challenging, and complexity is one of the major causes of burnout.

Many organizations are increasing investments in automation to simplify and speed up the response times in their security ecosystems. According to the report, companies are turning to cloud security to improve visibility into their networks.

Adopting Zero-Trust Framework is Essential to Achieve Success Metrics

With a zero-trust framework, organizations can verify and identify every person or device trying to access the infrastructure. Zero-trust technologies will secure access to network, applications, users, and devices. The report pointed out that, currently, only 27% of organizations are using multi-factor authentication.

Breaches Due to an Unpatched Vulnerability Have Led to Data Loss

Nearly 68% of organizations, breached from an unpatched vulnerability, suffered losses of 10,000 data records.

The CISOs must focus on cyber hygiene, update and patch the devices, and conduct drills and training to keep the system away from cybersecurity threats. Additionally, to reduce the complexity overload, CISOs must adopt an integrated platform approach when managing multiple security solutions.

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