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The Surge in Automation: A Perk or a Threat to Cybersecurity?

Almost over a decade, investment in automated security systems has soared. Cyber-attacks have moved from being a crime to one of the most sophisticated risks.

In this article at Security Magazine, the sixth annual CISO Benchmark Report suggests that global organizations are using highly secured technologies to combat potential threats.

A Reality Check

On an average, an enterprise uses more than twenty technologies. It means more complexity in vendor management. To overcome the resultant challenge, capitalize on automated tools and improve response time.

The growing rage of digital transformation has encouraged CISOs to adopt advanced security tools. However, these systems do not always complement the existing safety arrangement of the company. Thus, employees face difficulty in exercising substantially complex security arrangements.

Counter Complexity

To counter this issue, the security personnel must collaborate with the vendors. Also, reliance on cloud security and automation can reduce the risk of a data breach. Here are some other potential areas of expansion the CISOs must consider:

  • With the fast-emerging mobile workforce, security professionals find it difficult to prevent cyber-attacks. As a CISO, you must initiate the adoption of zero-trust technologies to guard the network.
  • Realizing the advantage of automation to bridge the skill gaps, many security practitioners are switching to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Even you must consider it.
  • The rapid adoption of cloud security has improved the efficiency of cyber networks. To maintain the consistency, the CISOs must implement a thick defense layer like network segmentation or endpoint protection.
  • Focus on maintaining cyber hygiene by strengthening defense layers, updating software, and patching tools. Also, start mock up drills and cybersecurity training to monitor and maintain cybersecurity.
  • Achieve visibility to reinforce data governance and increase compliance. Again, implementation of a zero-trust plan can outline the real status of your cybersecurity efficiency.
  • Adopt an integrated approach to manage frequent security conversion issues. It will also reduce the complexity of alert overload.

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