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The Demand For Cybersecurity Personnel is on the Rise. Know Why

With the advancement of technology, more businesses are relying on the digital workforce. There is a demand for new businesses and careers to meet larger concerns. Alongside, many online scams are doing the rounds with an increased number of people falling victim to scams every year. In this article at Cincinnati Business Courier, the author explains why cybersecurity matters in business and how the demand for cybersecurity jobs are increasing.

Cybersecurity Matters for Every Business

Today, every business has data that serves useful to cybercriminals. Therefore, businesses should be concerned with the security of their data. Earlier, professionals from systems and database administration, networking, and programming and data analytics areas performed cybersecurity tasks. Businesses never considered cybersecurity as a separate focus area in the IT. In recent times, companies are hiring dedicated information technologists to protect the enterprises’ confidential data.

Growing Demand for Cybersecurity Personnel

The demand for jobs in cybersecurity is increasing. Studies have revealed that the cybersecurity job postings have witnessed 94% growth since 2013, that is three times faster than the overall IT market. Universities are also offering courses that focus solely on cybersecurity. The author explains, “Students are exposed to multiple technologies, processes, and procedures.” The courses help students analyze and report on the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Further, students can develop appropriate strategies to mitigate the problems.

What is it to be a Cybersecurity Professional?

Cybersecurity professionals must spend more money, time, and energy battling hackers, fixing vulnerable systems, and monitoring potential data breaches. Besides, moving from a tech sector to cybersecurity means a significant hike in the pay. Professionals working in the cybersecurity sector tend to earn nearly 9 percent more than the employees in the tech sector.

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