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Employee retention is yet another challenge for the cybersecurity industry, besides the evolving sophisticated threats. In this article at Security Magazine, discover how the past year witnessed a minor upsurge in the hiring trend. More improvement is crucial to meet growing industry needs.

Latest Observations

According to ISACA’s 2020 State of Cybersecurity report, finding a well-qualified candidate for a security firm is challenging. The battle to boost industry standards will last until more women choose cybersecurity as a career. Here are the other key observations about the industry’s existing gap from the ISACA report:

  • About 62 percent of the organizations are understaffed, while 57 percent are looking for the right candidates to fill positions.
  • Only 70 percent of organizations have qualified cybersecurity employees, and only half of them have the necessary skills.
  • Often, the HR department is inefficient in bridging the skill gap. Almost 72 percent of cybersecurity leads believe that their human resource does not understand their requirement.
  • A limited budget is yet another reason for staff shortages. About 58 percent of candidates refuse the offer due to the inadequate salary package. While some expect an increase in cybersecurity budget. Though, the industry saw a sharp rise of 3 percent of growth from last year.

To bridge the skill gap, a degree in cybersecurity management may not suffice. They must have soft skills, IT knowledge, sufficient business insight, technical experience in cybersecurity, to name a few. Technical skills are essential if they want to bag to bag a suitable position in the industry. Of course, experienced and credential training holders are the top candidates every organization chases after.

Employee Retention

Once shortlisted or hired, the difficulty of retaining skilled candidates takes the front seat. Competition is soaring, not only to sell products or services but also to hire the top industry talent. Thanks to social media forums and other digital platforms, networking is secure. So, does switching jobs from one to another.

Nonetheless, organizations are making significant efforts to retain women in the cybersecurity space. The industry has seen slight progress of 5 percent since last year after placing some diversity programs. About 64 percent of enterprises observe growth in the number of women applying for cybersecurity roles. Diversity and equality are critical to bridging the knowledge gap in the industry. Hackers are already leaving no stone unturned to hamper businesses.

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