An Agile Approach to Cybersecurity

In recent times, there has been a significant shift in the development of software from a traditional waterfall approach to an agile approach. Similarly, organizations are prioritizing cybersecurity with the development of every new application to ensure everything is secured. However, developers and cybersecurity teams have different objectives and answers to different needs during the development process. In this article at TechWire Asia, Adeline AR explains how to make cybersecurity impact software development in an agile workflow.

How Can Cybersecurity Team Ensure Uninterrupted Workflow?

A developer’s work revolves around improving systems and applications, along with providing access to certain services to their team members as the system requires. Data sharing can be hindered by security compliance. “Developers certainly cannot afford to wait for information security teams to give ‘clearance’ to move to the next development process — that would only impair the quality of their final product,” says Adlina.

Therefore, security teams must often test the systems and applications to ensure that they are threat-free and meet the cybersecurity requirements. On the other hand, developers must make sure that every application is encrypted to avoid any cyber-attack. Allowing uninterrupted workflow is possible in an agile organization when security teams have clear visibility over the entire operating network systems.

Security Team Must be Agile Too

Cybersecurity in an agile environment means having a holistic approach to identify any gaps or concerns and being as diverse as the business it operates in. Furthermore, security teams must plan for the unexpected. Have the right people and processes in place to manage the security incident.

Keep these recommendations in mind and gain a greater sense of confidence in this new world that has cybersecurity embedded in almost every business. To read the original article, click on https://techwireasia.com/2020/02/staying-resilient-is-cybersecurity-a-burden-to-agile-development/.

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