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Are You Prepared for a Massive Cyberattack?

Organizations across several sectors are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cyberattacks have put information about millions of people at risk. With the growing number of cyberattacks and data breaches, what consequences do we have to face? Are we prepared enough to prevent them? In this article at the Cyber Security Hub, Jeff Orr provides some valuable insights into potential cyber-attacks and the recommendations to deal with the enhanced threat environment.

The Warning Signs

Both government and private agencies have been the primary target of hackers who seek to cause disruption and obtain classified or sensitive information. Jeff Orr explains that attackers might now “use emerging technology to shift from a few narrow targets to roles-based targets (phishing for whales) and broad-based attacks.” These kinds of attacks have the potential to take down the essential and even lifesaving services for weeks. They can cost millions of dollars to fix.

Expert Suggestions

The cybersecurity experts have provided some specific recommendations to deal with cyber-attacks. We have listed a few measures for you:

  • Closely monitor all emails and network activities: Monitoring closely for phishing activity and restricting attachments where possible is crucial.
  • Update your backups: Ensure that all backups are stored in an easily accessible location. However, this must be air-gapped from the production network.
  • Deactivate unnecessary protocols and ports: Track your logs to determine which open ports aren’t being used and close them. Turn off the protocol that’s not required.
  • Keep employees prepared: Remind employees of the potential of a phishing attack. Make sure that they are extra vigilant regarding suspicious emails.

It is impossible to predict when or where hackers may attempt an attack. It’s high time for companies to take a definite step in creating situational awareness among workers that are needed for full-scale cyber defense.

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