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US Judge’s Ruling on Canadian Court Order May Set Precedent for EU Privacy Law

The case in question centers on Equustek’s (a Canadian company) attempt to seek an order in the Canadian courts forcing Google to take down certain search results as part of an action related to alleged unauthorized or counterfeit sales of Equuustek product by a former distributor. The takedown action was upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada.

A US Federal Judge has now issued a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of the order, which brings an interesting parallel into the world of information governance and information security.

The scope set by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is global, but although a company outside of the EU–with no legal presence or other presence established in the EU–may be considered to be in breach of the GDPR, there is no clear guidance on how the EU intends to enforce any action.

You can view further details of this case here:

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