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500K Android Users Hit by Malware

IT security news and others are reporting an outbreak caused by tricking users into downloading compromised software applications. They are offering advice on what to do.

iPhone Life has some advice for Apple device users here on how to ensure they keep malicious software off of their devices.

Other devices have vulnerabilities too. As ever, the advice is:

  • Download and install software from reputable sources only.
  • Be aware of malicious applications in the application store with names that mimic legitimate businesses. If in doubt, do not install it.
  • Keep backups of all your important information and memories. If need be, you want to be able to factory reset your device and do a clean install on it.
  • If in doubt, DON’T. Do not install software, add applications, or click on links if you have any doubts. A bank or other legitimate businesses will always be only too happy to help you check. They will never ask you to pass login or security details in clear text or over the phone.

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