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60 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

In case you missed it over the holiday season, here’s the link to Forbes Magazine contributor Gil Press’s 60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

“Just like last year, this year’s 60 predictions reveal the state-of-mind of key participants in the cybersecurity industry (on the defense team, of course) and cover all that’s hot today. Topics include the use and misuse of data; artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as a double-edged sword helping both attackers and defenders; whether we are going to finally “get over privacy” or see our data finally being treated as a private and protected asset; how the cloud changes everything and how connected and moving devices add numerous security risks; the emerging global cyberwar conducted by terrorists, criminals, and countries; and the changing skills and landscape of cybersecurity.”

Managing Partner at gPress, Gil previously held senior marketing and research management positions at NORC, DEC and EMC – most recently as Senior Director, Thought Leadership Marketing at EMC he launched Big Data conversations with the ‘’How Much Information?’’ study (2000 with UC Berkeley) and the Digital Universe study (2007 with IDC).  You can find out more and follow him on Twitter @GilPress.

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