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Is Your InfoSec Posture Ready for the 5G Revolution?

“Superfast 5G mobile networks come with “extremely dangerous” cybersecurity risks, the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA has warned. 5G is expected to become available to European consumers by 2025.

The European Commission and national governments around Europe are racing to make 5G available quickly, and have been pushing telecoms operators to invest billions of euros in the new technology.

But ENISA has poked holes in the high-flying political talk about 5G: fast mobile connections come with a “medium to high risk” of cybersecurity attacks, according to the Athens-based agency.

Companies are pinning their hopes for a boom in revenues on 5G because it is expected to drive sophisticated Internet-connected machines that process huge amounts of data and need low-latency connections, like autonomous cars and manufacturing services.

Despite the hype over 5G, the EU cybersecurity agency has cautioned that there are not enough safeguards in place to make sure the new networks will be secure.”

-Catherine Stupp, EURACTIV

Other agencies echo the warning.

Jeremy Fleming, director of the UK communications security agency GCHQ, warned of risks presented by new technologies including 5G networks in the Sunday Times.

“These changes will bring huge benefits to us all. They will transform healthcare, create smart, energy-efficient cities, make work lives more productive and revolutionise the relationship between business and the consumer. But they also bring risks that, if unchecked, could make us more vulnerable to terrorists, hostile states and serious criminals.”

A more detailed paper “Security and Protocol Exploit Analysis of the 5G Specifications” by Roger Piqueras Jover and Vuk Marojevic is available from the Cornell University Library.

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